March 2018

A Fun Frog Unit to Explore

Are you doing a frog unit study at home or school? It's spring peepers season and you're just in time for a fun pond study or frog unit. This cute frog theme from Schooling a Monkey has a bunch of great young child and early elementary activities you can adapt for your children, classroom or group. The blog is one of my favorites for homeschooling ideas and I think there's something in this one for everyone.

Glass Frogs

Ever heard of Diane's Bare-Hearted Glass Frog? The Glassfrog hails from Costa Rica and looks just like it's name: clear glass. You can see right through the frog's skin, and the frog, which is only the size of a quarter, is practically a living science lesson. You can view all of the frog's internal organs just by looking at it.

A Puddle of Frog

The humor of a scientist can't be beat, and zoologists across the world are going viral proving it! Zoo employees are leaving hilarious animal reviews a la on Twitter to help engage with potential visitors and highlight their critters and it's even more fun than the frog dating profile we saw a couple of weeks ago.

Moss Frogs

Frog lover, if you also have a soft spot for moss, then you MUST check out a moss frog! There is a huge variety of these critters and they look so much like moss that when they are hiding you can't even find them. Check this one out--it's almost like a mossy seahorse!