July 2017

Selling Frogs for Their Own Protection

The scientists of Ecuador are doing something very interesting in order to protect rare species of frogs. They have decided to join poachers in selling frogs, but they are doing it on a much more expensive level at $600 a pop. They are raising 12 different species in captivity and selling them to Canada, the United States, Japan and various European countries to help curb their sale on the black market. 

What eats frogs?

Each week, we talk about different types of frogs and our favorites, but what about the creatures that consume frogs? Sure, humans do it, but plenty of other animals do it, too. There are the common frog eaters like hawks and snakes but there are lots of animals that eat frogs that are also quite surprising. For example, there are praying mantises that eat frogs on six different continents. Otters really enjoy eating frogs, as do some species of larger frogs.