May 2017

Deadly Frogs Exhibit

If you love frogs and you live near or are traveling to Long Beach anytime soon, you should defintiely check out the Aquarium of the Pacific this weekend. A new exhibit is opening up that features over 12 species of frogs, including the ever-popular blue poison dart frog! The exhibit is known as "Frogs: Dazzling and Disappearing," and it isn't limited to frogs. Other amphibians will also be on display.

Fringe-limbed Treef Fogs

Are you familiar with the Ecnomiohyla? It's also known as the marvelous frog! This is one seriously cute frog. Froung throughout Mexico and Central America, it also makes its home in Colombia. It has exaggerated limbs and eyes, making it look like an anime cartoon instead of an actual living, breathing creature.

3-D Tech Makes Frogs Available to All

Have you ever wished you could view different frogs in 3-D? Whether you are a student, a researcher or just a froggy fan, you need to check out the new Frogs of the World exhbit that Cameron Siler, the assistant curator of herpetology and assistant professor of biology at the University of Oklahoma, has released. This collection of frogs includes some species that are rare or endangered, helping scientists maintain a profile of the frogs even after they are long gone.