March 2017

Clawed Versus Dwarf

If you've ever had an African Dwarf Frog as a pet, you know how cute they are, and you know how easy it is to care for this species. But did you know that they are often confused as African clawed frogs? If you want to make sure you have a true Dwarf frog, check for differences like these...

Front and back webbed feet. While the clawed frog has digits on two limbs, the dwarf variety has all webbed feet.

Another New Frog Find

Another week, another frog finding: this time, the new frog, affectionaly known as the "stone frog," was spotted in Vietnam. It gets its name from its extremely bumpy back, which looks a lot like a pile of rocks. The species, a stone leaf-litter frog, was thought to be a part of another species when found in 2013, but DNA tests prove that it's a new species to humans. Like many frogs, it faces extinction and researchers are already requesting its protection.

Fluorescent Tree Frog Transcends Adorability

If you think you couldn't love frogs enough or that you've already got a favorite, think again! There is a fluorescent tree frog on the scene and it is not only teeny tiny and cute, but it also glows in the dark! The frog, known as the polka dot tree frog, not only features these cute little spots, but it also glows when you shine ultraviolet rays on it in the dark.