World Frog Day

On March 20, the world will celebrate a favorite holiday of amphibian lovers everywhere once again: World Frog Day! A time to hop, wear green and sing “Rainbow Connection” to your heart’s content, World Frog Day is a day to celebrate frogs of all kinds. Whether you have a pet frog, you collect stuffed frogs or you just want to teach about frogs in class or at home, you can use this cool list of the world’s most bizarre frogs from National Geographic to learn more about the amphibians. From the Mexican dumpy tree frog to the gorgeous Limon harlequin frog, there’s bound to be some kind of frog that you’ve never heard about.

If you really love frogs, you may want to wait until National Frog Month in April. Here’s a great list of activities to do in April. How do you plan on celebrating?

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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