Stanley Kubrick Frog

New species is named after horror film

It's not every day when a man has a frog named after him, but Stanley Kubrick was just given that honor. Had Kubrick been alive to accept it, would he be happy? It's kind of hard to tell with the enigmatic director but the frog itself is pretty cool. It's inspired by his famous film, A Clockwork Orange. Kubrick's frog, as it is known, is from the Amazon Basin.

The frog features orange spots and speckles of dark color, making the name a fitting one. The species wasn't just discovered but misnamed and re-discovered, an occurence that seems to happen quite often lately. It's great when scientists can catch errors like this and prevent them from spreading.

Have you run across any cool frog species this week? Share your links and photos in the chat below.


photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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