Spooky Frog Decorations

Do you use them for Halloween?

The other day I saw a frog skeleton decoration and thought about how I've never seen frogs as spooky creatures. I've always loved to catch them and let them back go or just look at them outside, and I've even had frogs as pets, so it's weird to me that they'd be seen as so creepy. That said, it makes sense when you think of them as ingredients in "witches brew" along with eye of newt or whatever. 

That made me think about other spooky frog decorations... Would you put some plastic frogs in a bottle of ingredients to make it look like a spooky potions jar? Maybe you could put them coming out of a cauldron. They could also be scary when used as one of the plagues, right?

How would you use frogs for Halloween decorations? Tell us how you make frogs scary in the chat!

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