Some Tree Frogs Are Mated to Death

Survival of the males and babies...

It's difficult to tell whether or not an animal is being raped sometimes, especially when a female tries to attract a mate with some kind of sex foam only to attract a bunch of mates who have sex with her so much at all once that they drown or crush her to death. It sure sounds like rape to me, but the rules are different among different species. But wait, it gets worse.

Not only are female tree frogs sometimes crushed or drowned to death during mating, but they are even mated with while dead! Male frogs will keep mating with dead female frogs in order to extract their eggs and fertilize them. Then her offspring are still fertilized and born even when she's dead. It's terrible to me but it does ensure the species survives. 

Have you heard of any other extreme animal mating rituals? 

photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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