Slugs Glue Frogs To Trees

What fresh madness is this?

It's not enough that the poor frogs are facing endangered satus, habitat destruction, mutation from all of the pollutants in our environment and more. Their enemies in the animal kingdom are also causing them problems. An Australian slug can glue its frog opponents to trees, leaving the frogs vulnerable for days. The slug's slime is incredibly sticky, enough to hold a fully grown frog on a tree branch for days at a time.

It might not sound too bad, since the frog would eventually get free from the gluey substance, but the frog would likely die of dehydration or become dinner for another animal before that happened. Whether or not the predator might also experience the drawbacks of the glue would be interesting. Several slugs are able to excrete this mucus, including the red triangle slug.

Have you heard of any other threats to frogs lately? Share them in the chat.

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