New Dwarf Species Discovered

Cute golden frog has triangle between eyes

I don't think I'll ever get tired of new animals being discovered, will you? With recent news reports coming in about everything from mass extinctions of large animals to insects pretty much being wiped out within the next hundred years or so, I'll take every new species I can get. This new dwarf species of frog found in Ethiopia is both a welcome find and a cutie!

Dubbed the Bibita Mountain dwarf puddle frog, the frog doesn't actually live in puddles but trees. Its color, a warm gold, goes well with the little triangle on its face, making me want one now. (See, that's the problem with us Americans, always wanting cute little animals to own and put in our pockets.). Do not seek out this wee ribbeter as a companion! But do click to check out its photos. What's especially cute about this frog is that its eyes are even golden!

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