Monarchs On The Decline

Much of the same habitat loss impacts frogs

All of nature is connected, and butterflies and frogs seem to go hand-in-hand when it comes to habitat growth as well as destruction. The loss of monarch butterflies should make us deeply concerned to begin with, but it should also raise a flag regarding what that loss means for other species, too. With a 99% decline in the species throughout recent years, we can't help but wonder whether or not it's even possible to recover the species from these terrible losses. 

The use of pesticide is one of the worst culprits to blame regarding the monarch losses, since it's killing their milkweed habitat and source of food. Logging, herbicidal crops and climate change are also all to blame, which means that humans are the reason why this species is heading toward extinction. All of these practices also harm frogs, birds, and other small animals that depend on nature for food and shelter.

Do you do anything to help prevent habitat loss? Have you ever planted milkweed for the monarchs where you live?

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