Massive Frog Breeding In North Carolina

At least it's not another threatened species?

When frogs make the news, it's often regarding yet another species listed as threatened or endangered. It's a distressing time for frog lovers to hear about so many species facing extinction. This week, however, the opposite extreme occurred when it was announced that frogs are taking over the coast of North Carolina. Following dozens of days of record-setting weather, frogs were in optimal positions for breeding and have been reproducing so much and so quickly that they are literally falling from the sky, landing on people's houses and littering the place with poop. Tense of thousands of the creatures are filling the area following summer rains and Hurricane Florence.

While we like to hear about frog numbers recovering, this isn't the ideal way for it to happen. In fact, it's a good way for the frogs' numbers to decline due to injury and death, not to mention render them a nuissance to residents, which is never helpful in the campaign for recovery.

Have you experienced a resurgence in any animal populations where you live? What contributed to their bounce-back?

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