License Plate to Benefit Frogs

Frog crossing needed in Oregon

We're always looking for ways to help the environment, animals and really anyone who needs it, but sometimes it can be really difficult--especially if you don't have unlimited time or funds. That's why endeavors like this one from the Oregon Wildlife Foundation are so important. By selling these special license plates to benefit frogs, they will give citizens the ability to pitch in a little to save a lot.

More specifically, the project is set to fund the Harborton Frog Shuttle and other wildlife programs to assist local wildlife. The have to pre-sell these plates in order to get them picked up by the DMV (which seems weird; why not go ahead and pass them to help wildlife?), so if you can get one, please do it now! Then the project will get backed and be available in the state.

What other easy ways are there to help wildlife near you? Share what you do in the chat.

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