Lady Frogs Prefer City Frogs

Maybe they're more sophisticated?

Researchers claim that female frogs prefer frogs from city environments to those in the country. Researchers in Panama examined the different types of frogs that females responded to the most and discovered that the frogs from the most urban areas attracted the most females overall. It's being dubbed "irrationality," but you have to wonder. Maybe the city frogs have more culture and panache. They've probably got better stories to tell and they can take you to the opera, amirite?

The study was based on responses to frog calls and not how frogs looked, by the way, so who knows--maybe the city frogs had learned new calling techniques to get around urban development that country frogs don't have to use. The study also said that frogs that moved from the city to the country could develop to a more "country" voice while the opposite just didn't work for transplanted country frogs.

This line of study would have never even occurred to me and I can't decide if it's riveting work or a waste of researcher time and money that could be used on frog conservation. Surely the results will be applied to conservation efforts but it still seems odd.

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