Itsy Bitsy Teeny Oldest Frog

It could fit on your pinky!

The tiniest frogs are often the most adorable, don't you think? The oldest species of frog relative found in North America, the Chinle frog, whose fossil was recently discovered in Arizona, was that tiny. It was only about half an inch long, making it a contestant for Cutest Ancient Frog contest. It's too bad that we can't know exactly what the frog looked like but artist renditions can give us a general idea. 

Not only was the discovery of the Chinle frog a fortunate one due to the frog's teeny, tiny size and structure, but because it was discovered adjacent to an ancient predator, the phytosaur, which was very much like a crocodile and likely feasted on these little critters. Scientists say they feel fortunate that they were able to find the frog fully intact next to its own predator when the animal could have easily destroyed its remains. 

The frogs' skeletons were not completely recovered, with many fragments of the fossils missing, but researchers are hopeful that they will be able to excavate more findings from the site.

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