How Elephants Help Frogs

What a cool relationship!

It's not really a symbiotic relationship, since the frogs don't particularly help the elephants back, but have you ever thought about how elephant prints help other animals? I've read about how elephants eat so much grass that their droppings make great recycled paper; in fact, I bought some for my teen once and they loved it. It turns out that the footprints left behind by elephants are extremely helpful for another animal--frogs!

In the dry season (as well as others), frogs need shelter to lay their eggs and escape the heat. Elphant prints make quick, muddy little pools in which they may do both and escape the unforgiving heat that can often result in death for the small creatures. It's another example of how different species can help one another coexist without even trying and it warms my heart.

Have you read any other stories about creatures helping one another like this lately? Share them in the chat!

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