The Horror of Being Prey

Poor frogs!

We don't often think about the feelings, particularly the pain, that animals other than humans feel. With the exception of animal rights activists, it never crosses the minds of many people, but there's plenty of proof that animals feel pain and terror. This video of a snake eating a frog alive has been making its round and I can't even bear to listen to the frog scream in horror as the snake eats it. 

We understand that carnivorous animals must eat meat to survive, but when it's right before your eyes like that you can't help but feel horrified, too. It breaks my heart, even though we had a snake that we had to feed mice to years ago. My husband and teen love snakes but I don't like feeding other animals to pets (even though I know our cats and dogs eat meat, and our chickens love worms and mealworms).

What do you think of having a pet you have to feed with what could be someone else's pet? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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