The Great Frog Stomach Ejection

Because puking is apparently too weird for frogs

As a lover of rabbits, I can tell you that my buns were not able to barf. Many animals can't, and while it can be a blessing, especially if you're used to cat hairballs everywhere or dogs eating and puking up random weirdness, it can also be a curse. How do you get unwanted items out if you can't barf?

Frogs say, "Simple, hold my beer," as they eject. Their. Stomachs. Yes, frogs are able to hurl their entire stomachs out until they are empty, then swallow them back down all healthy as can be. This sounds absolutely ridiculous, but think about it: wouldn't you want it all out at once? And wouldn't you want to make sure you got all of the sicky stuff out from your stomach lining rather than wonder if it's still rumbling around down there with the good stuff? 

OK, it's stil pretty extreme, especially when you find out that the frog then wipes its own stomach clean with its feet before inserting it back into itself because after all, feet are so pristine and perfect for cleaning out your guts...

Wow. What other weird frog facts have you learned today that will ruin my appetite? Please share with impunity. 

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