Going On Frog Safari

Do you think this could help save frogs?

Here at Frog Source, we all love frogs and we know what dangers they face in the modern world. Their species are declining at such a rapid rate that we're losing entrie populations before we can even blink. Scientists are doing their best to try and help these amphibians recover and avoid extinction, but we need more people to care about them and the ever-looming climate crisis that threatens not just them but us all.

Some say that frog tourism is the answer. Trips where people go to visit frogs in their natural habitat on frog safaris are meant to encourage them to not only connect with frogs but to spend money on the trips and help fund research while finding actual frogs. It sounds like a win-win, but will it make people care more? And if it doesn't, will the funds generated be enough?

What do you think of frog safaris? Would you go on one?

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