Gifts Fit For A Frog Prince

Do you get your frog gifts?

Not every pet owner buys gifts for their creatures in crime, which is fine; pets don't know it's their birthday or the holidas (as far as we know!). But for those of us who love to spoil our critters with something special here and there, it can be really fun to pick out something we know they'll absolutely love. It's fun to watch them enjoy what we pick out for them, too.

For your frog, you might wish to try a new type of treat, like a mealworm. I know my frogs have been picky in the past but a variety of good frog-approved foods is beneficial for your frog. You could also try some new items in the enclosure to climb for a bit more variety and interest for your frog.

What types of gifts do you get your frog(s)? Share them in the chat!

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