Fungus Threatens Frog Population

More than 500 species affected

The chytrid fungus has been threatening species around the world, their thin skin harmed by the aggressive disease. Since the fungus actually feeds on the flesh of the frogs, the creatures are unable to repair the damage inflicted during the infection. It renders the frogs inable to regulate their breathing and ability to drink, things that their skin is responsible for, as well as salt regulation. 

Around 500 frogs are affected by this fungus, and of those, 200 are either threatened or extinct because of it. Researchers have discovered that when the frogs' bodies fight the disease it actually worsens the problem. They slough off their old skin to get rid of the fungus, but it causes their skin to becom even thinner and more vulnerable to a repeat infection. Hopefully we'll find a way to combat the fungus to protect the frogs.

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