A Fungus is Killing Frogs

It's killing other amphibians, too

Knowing that white nose syndrome has been killing so many bats has been awful, but now we know that another fungus is responsible for the death of many frogs, salamanders and toads across the globe as well. What is with these terrible deadly fungi? 

Ninety species of critters have been completely decimated by this disease, and it takes them out in the worst possible way. The fungus eats at the animals' skin, giving them a slow and painful death. The understandably lose the will to live, become lethargic and die. It's also severely impacting another 500 species on the planet. Scientists say it is the worst loss of biodiversity for a species attributed to a disease. 

The chytid fungus responsible is found in 60 different countries, maybe even more than that. 

Have you heard about any other frog news this week (hopefully more uplifting than this news)? Share your links in the chat.

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