Fungus is Killing Frogs

But the frogs are fighting back

The chytrid fungus is a terrible, deadly disease that kills frogs. It adheres to their skin while it's wet and grows, putting down roots and restricting frogs from absorbing air and water. It's a killer of frogs and is able to cause extinction through simply exisiting. It also causes terrible pain and suffering to the frogs, suffocating them while causing them to form ulcers, bleed and fail to control their body temperatures.

Luckily scientists have discovered that some frogs may be evolving to defeat this disease. There's no known cure and there's been nothing that scientists themselves have been able to do to fight it, but the frogs that have suffered mass population declines due the fungus have had record spikes in their growth, indicating that they may be developing some kind of immunity to the fungus. Whether or not this is true has yet to be proven but we can hope that the frogs are beating the disease that could potentially wipe them out.

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photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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