Frogs in Winter

Survival of the Amphibians

If you've ever wondered how amphibians like frogs survive the winter months, the answer is pretty simple: many of them hibernate. They sleep through winter, slowing down their metabolisms and living off stored energy much like you imagine many other animals doing through the colder months. 

Maybe you already know that, but did you know that aquatic frogs also hibernate? They don't bury themselves in the mud or sand as many people believe, however; doing that could actually suffocate the frog. They do partly bury themselves or lay on top of the mud in order to be still and conserve energy, but sometimes they even swim around a bit. As long as they hibernate in water that is rich with oxygen they can remain healthy throughout the winter.

Do you know of any other animal winter habits that are interesting to share? Post them in the chat!


Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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