Frogs to Meet Before Their Extinction

A must-see video

As more frog species die out, we have fewer chances of seeing these incredible creatures before they're gone for good. Nat Geo has a great video featuring some of the frogs that you'll want to take a look at before they're gone for good, mostly due to the chytrid fungus that's resulting in a mass extinction of frogs worldwide. It's not really a great video, is it? It's a painfully sad video, even when we look at all of the rescue efforts discussed in the video, because we know that many of these species will be gone for good, and it might be sooner than later.

Some of the frogs in the video can't be seen anywhere else on Earth, so do take a peek and show your friends and family. Which ones do you like the best? Which ones do you think are the cutest? The narrator argues that people don't find frogs cute, which makes them harder to care about, but I've always loved them so much and this just breaks my heart.

Have you seen any other frog videos this week that you would like to share? Post them in the chat.

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