Frogs' Brains May Be More Complex

Amphibians use mental mapping

Up until now, we've always assumed that only mammals and birds utilize mental mapping, placing us at the highest order of thought within the animal kingdom. It's an idea that reinforces how much we "deserve" to be at the top of the food chain, especially to those of us who eat meat, pollute (who doesn't do that?) and understand what we've done to this poor planet. Every day more insight into various species unveils how wrong we are about so many things, and the limitations we perceive regarding animal thought processes continue to crack on a daily basis as new research emerges. 

Frogs, for example, are now known to make mental maps, something that only mammals and birds--"the smart animals," amirite?--were thought to do up until now. This could change everything, and it definitely changes how we should perceive frogs, who may be much smarter than we give them credit for. This news blows my mind and makes me wonder how many other animals might do this, or use tools, or complex communication that we don't even know about!

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