Froggy Goodies

Do you get frogs while you holiday shop?

If you're a frog lover or you know one, what do you like to get or give as frog-inspired gifts? There are so many frog gifts out there that there's an endles supply of ideas to borrow from. I remember being head over heels for frogs in high school and I could go anywhere, from a gas station to any store, and find something with frogs on it that would get me excited. I had quite a collection, too, before it was ruined in an apartment flooding incident. 

There are your standard frog ceramics and figures, the kind my grandmother used to love to put in her planters. There are frog clothing options, stuffed frogs, frog games and even, of course, Harry Potter chocolate frogs! If you're buying for someone you truly know and trust, you could also go with a fire belly toad or pet frog as long as you know the person is capable and knowledgable about the animal first.

What kinds of frog gifts are on your list?

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