Froggy Clothing

Wear your favorite animal

As a teen, I loved frogs so much. My boyfriend would pick me up stuffed frogs all of the time, but there weren't many options in terms of frog clothing. We'd have to wait until summer to go to Six Flags and get Peace Frogs gear if we wanted shirts and stickers, but the Internet changed all of that!

Now there's an actual online shop called Frogstore where you can get just about anything and everything frog-themed, including t-shirts, hats, socks, ties, scarves, pants, slippers and other frog duds! You can wear a frog plush hat on your head, hold your hair back with frog headbands, and even keep babies warm with froggy crocheted hats. Frog fleece, frog earmuffs... you want it, you got it. Of course, this shop isn't the only place you can find froggy clothes; they are pretty much everywhere, but you can find even more unique items on Etsy.

Where do you get froggy clothing? Are you getting any for the holidays?

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