A Frog in Your Salad

It happens!

My best friend told me the story of how her mother found a scorpion once while cutting open a head of lettuce! Since then I've been so careful when I chop up mine it's ridiculous. What are the odds, right? Well, they're probably super low, but there are plenty of people who find critters in their salads every day.

People who buy bagged salads, for example, have reported everything from frogs and toads to bats and lizards in their salads! Honestly the fact that the animals can stow away in a bunch of produce makes me less surprised than the number of mice and insects that get into our canned goods and grains, which is infinitely more gross to me. At least some of these creatures were just hiding, and not chopped up, I guess?

What's the weirdest thing you've ever found in your food? Share it in the chat.

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