Frog Poachers Protecting Frogs

Hey, it can happen

When the bad guys become the good guys, it's like a Miyazaki movie, right? The Error of the Ways (TM) has been seen, the person makes a full 180 turn and everyone wins at the end. Unfortunately, life's much messier than that, and many of the 'bad guys' are really just people trying to make a living, and sometimes you can't even blame them when they're engaging in unethical behavior when there's a lousy job market to content with. 

Take poachers. None of us like that people poach, but those who do are often driven by desperation. Yes, many are also driven by greed, but if everyone had enough to eat and a place to sleep, would we have as much crime anyway? Well it turns out that poachers can sometimes become the protectors of the animals they've poached. 

Many of the former poachers who hunted the critically endangered Lake Titicaca water frog, for example, are now selling crafts to people to not only raise awareness about the frogs, but also to explain why they need protection in the first place. These frogs' numbers are low due to being poached to be used in aphrodisiac juice.

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