Frog Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner...

Frog lovers can celebrate their passion in costume this month with frog Halloween costumes! Have you ever been a frog for Halloween or any other dress-up event? If so, you may already have a frog costume handy. If not, making one is just about as easy as purchasing one.

A green foam visor and some green clothes are all you need to pull off a quick, last minute green frog. Some felt can be used to create a cute collar and webbed feet if you have more time. Of course, you can always buy a costume online or at your nearest costume shop, or even go to your thrift store to find different elements that you'd like to put together to create a different look. No matter what you decide to do, just make it the kind of frog YOU like! Tie in an orange pumpkin frog, for example, for the holiday and just use orange instead.

Have you ever dressed as a frog? What are your best tips? Share them in the chat.

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