Frog Blood To Help Preserve Human Organs?

It's a hope for researchers

One of the most difficult things about organ transplants is making the organs last long enough to make it to their recipients. Traveling distance, harvesting and preparing the recipient all take precious time that can waste how viable an organ might be from start to finish. That's why researchers are hoping to find out how to slow down the decay of an organ harvested by using the science of frog anatomy.

As you might already know, frogs are able to sleep in a frozen hibernation, allowing them to perservere through winter and awaken when it's safe for them to do so. If we could utilize the chemicals in their blood that allow them to do this, we could use them on our organ transplants and make them much more useful. Some might balk at the idea, but we've used animals in our medicine since we've had medicine and it could save lives.

What do you think of this idea?

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