Flood Waters Leave Frogs Behind

Lots and lots of frogs...

It's raining where I live near St. Louis right now. It almost feels as if we've had more stormy days than not this summer, and it feels like there is no end in sight. Our nearby park has been flooded all summer, our celebrations are canceled and the sky is dark as I write. This is not normal.

And humans aren't the only ones suffering through this damage, either. The poor frogs are being washed away from their normal habitats, appearing in droves in the cities where flood waters are rising--sometimes on roads, sometimes in residential or commercial areas. The water they're in is full of pollutants, they've got to be confused and scared (not to mention in danger of being harmed by traffic and people) and you have to wonder... is this the beginning of the end? Every day a new report on climate change has us all wondering.

Do you have a lot of flooding or frogs where you are? Do you help protect them in any way? If so share your tips in the chat.

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