Fire-bellied Toads As Pets

Have you had one?

No, Fire-bellied Toads do not really shoot fire, although kids would probably get a kick out of that. Their names come from the fiery hue that colors their stomachs, giving them a flaming look. Fire-bellied toads are relatively easy pets to care for. They live up to 15 years when they are well-cared for, so if you properly care for your toad you can have a friend for many years.

It’s not a great idea to keep two Fire-Belly Toads together since they can fight, but it is a great idea to change up what they eat for variety. They enjoy baby mice, blood worms, minnows and other small animals, and if you can give your toad live prey it will help increase the quality of your pet’s life.

Do you have a toad as a pet?

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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