Fantastic Frog Fathers

Poisonous Frogs Ferry Their Offspring To Safety

Many fathers in the animal kingdom present some pretty lofty dad goals, proving that caring fathers exist in many different species--even if it's only to ensure the survival of their own offspring. Poison frogs, or poison dart frogs, are a great example of dads who spend a lot of their time and energy ensuring their chilren's safety and best chance.

Did you know that poison dart frog fathers wait for thier babies to hatch, then carry them on their backs past any nearby available water to water sources up to 400 meters away? This is more dangerous for both the frog and its offspring but it gives the frogs possible benefits like avoiding inbreeding as well as accessing more resources available without more competition from other frogs. 

What cool frog adaptations or parenting skills have you read about? Share them in the chat.

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