Diseases Frogs Can Give Humans

Plus other diseases from your pets

As much as we adore our animal companions, we have to admit that they don't come without their own risks. Most of the time, if we are decent animal caregivers, we can avoid these risks, but sometimes we can't. Giving dogs and cats innoculations, for example, not only keeps them healthier, but us, too--rabies vaccines are for humans as much as they are for dogs. 

Our pet frogs can also give humans illness. The bug salmonella that lives in the intestines of frogs can infect humans, sometimes on dangerous levels, so it's important to always wash your hand after you handle your frogs. Did you know that salmonella is also transmitted by feeder mice and the fecal matter of dogs and cats sometimes? It's just a good idea to wash hands after handling animals, period.

Do you know of any other diseases that pets can carry? Share them in the chat.

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