Deadly Frogs Exhibit

It features a frog love favorite

If you love frogs and you live near or are traveling to Long Beach anytime soon, you should defintiely check out the Aquarium of the Pacific this weekend. A new exhibit is opening up that features over 12 species of frogs, including the ever-popular blue poison dart frog! The exhibit is known as "Frogs: Dazzling and Disappearing," and it isn't limited to frogs. Other amphibians will also be on display. Between the exhibit and the aquarium's water conservation exhibit, there are around 300 species to check out.

The golden version of the poison dart frog will also be included in the display. One of the deadliest frogs in the world, the golden frog is tiny yet powerful enough to kill an elephant with its poison!

Will you be traveling to see the exhibit?


Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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