Customer Finds Frog in Salad

At least she let it go?

When a customer finds something fishy (or, in this case, froggy) in food that was made to-go, it raises your eyebrow. It's not like finding it there in the store, where it would be difficult, although not impossible, to sneak it in for suing purposes, and you always wonder whether or not the person has any credibility. That's what modern, sue-happy culture has done to us jaded Americans. Still, when a woman says she found a live frog in her salad from a Mediterranean restaurant, it does sount like a pretty big problem if it's true.

The customer brought her food back and the restaurant promised to investigate but would not take the frog, which the woman thankfully allowed to hop away. It would have been pretty bad if she'd decided to, say, pickle it for evidence or something.

What weird froggy news have you read this week?

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