Counting Toads And Frogs

Who doesn't love citizen science?

Here at Frog Source, we love citizen science projects, especially the ones that let you help frog and toad populations! There are lots of projects you can take part in, but did you know that many states have their own local programs with which you can participate? Our local science center and zoo have their own projects, for example, and Wisconsin has an annual program for citizens to help out with, too.

What's really fun about these projects is that you learn to identify different frogs via their sounds, so you can "count" them by the sounds they make near your home, park or designated counting area. You don't have to spot the frogs themselves--that would be impossible for some people!--but as long as you can hear them where you're at, you can jot down what you heard.

Do you do any frog or toad citizen science projects? Which ones do you endorse?

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