Clever Frogs

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We had an adorable frog one summer who loved to hang out near the porch light if it was cold outside at night, well into the fall. We loved to see if he was there, just hanging out on a ledge, taking advantage of the warmth and bugs! The other night my dogs brought a locust in the house, of all things, and I scolded them, thinking it was a frog. 

Frogs can be really smart. I'm still amazed that there are spiders who keep frogs as pets, but it makes sense when it comes to survival instincts. This man found some frogs hiding in his wind chimes during the hurricane! You have to click to see it and believe it--they are so small down the tubes, but it's a really clever idea.

Do you know of any clever frogs, or cool stories about frogs acting in a really intelligent way? Share your stories in the chat!

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