The Chytrid Fungus Isn't In New Guinea

This incredible news could help scientists save frog populations

Most frog lovers know about the deadly chytid fungus that has been wiping out frog populations in various parts of the world, and its devastation seems inevitable. It's already destroyed at least 90 species and has lowered the population of 500 others. Scientists have been trying to combat the terrible disease without much luck, but now they may have some news that could help them out.

The fungus isn't found anywhere in New Guinea, which is not only great news for the frogs that live there but could also point toward some answers that researchers are looking for. Experts from multiple countries, including China, Australia, Indonesia, New Guinea and the United States are all working on keeping the fungus out with a multi-step program they've implemented. If it works, it could save at least 6% of the world's frogs and maybe even help with populations elsewhere. 

Hopefully this is great news for the frogs! Have you read any other frog news this week? Share it in the chat.

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