Chytrid Fungus Can Grow In More Places

This is bad news.

Frog lovers who follow Frog Source know that we've talked a lot about the deadly chytrid fungus that wipes out frogs at an alarming rate, and today we found out about some disturbing news regarding the fungus. The one consolation that we had regarding the disease was that it only survived in cold climates, which would have kept it contained to the mountainous areas researchers previously found it in. That's not great news, but it would have at least spared many species around the globe.

Unfortunately the fungus is able to thrive in other climates, according to new research that has now linked the fungus to lowland, warmer areas. You may recall that this fungus is a horror that starves and dehydrates frogs, clinging to their skin and preventing them from absorbing nutrients and water. 200 species have been lost to this fungus and hundreds more are taking hard hits. The one piece of good news is that the lowland climates are less stressful and the frogs there seem more resilient against the damage as a result.

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