Cat Pets Tiny Frog

Is he being sweet or contemplating a snack?

You have to wonder if the cat in this photo is contemplating eating the tree frog, but it still makes for an adorable photographic moment. The cat, called Rin-chan, sure looked chummy with the little frog when they met, reaching out to pet the little creature and warming hearts across the Internet in the process. There's even a cute video where you can see it in process.

The frog in the photo does look a little uncomfortable, so perhaps he senses something that the rest of us don't know. He would know better if he were in danger than we would! Either way, it's cute as long as it's supervised and the little cat doesn't end up batting the frog across the room or treating him like a snack.

Have you seen any other cute frog pics this week? Share your photos and videos in the chat.


photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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