Cannibal Frogs

Yes, they exist

This seems like it belongs on the Weird Animals page rather than Frog Source, but it's true that there are cannibalistic frogs in our world. Many animals exist as cannibals and it's really not that surprising; considering that humans are believed to be the only animals with an ethics system (although that could be debated within more developed animal groups, particularly when you consider many humans don't even seem to have a moral compass!), why would it seem weird for a frog to eat another frog? 

Some cannibalistic frogs are weirder than others. The African clawed frog, for example, not only eats its own young, but the young of its relatives, which it prefers. That's right: the African clawed frog truly enjoys eating its nieces and nephews. It also knows the difference between them and its own offspring. Some scientists propose monitoring and removing the frogs so they don't wipe out endangered species.

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