Big Bad Frogs

What's the biggest species in your area?

Most of the time, when I see a frog it's a teeny, tiny thing. The biggest frogs I see where we live are the size of two quarters or less, even though I know that the American bullfrog is the largest frog around. It's certainly not the largest frog in the world, though. 

The Goliath frog is the world's largest frog, and it can weigh over seven pounds, or the size of one of my cats! I can't even imagine. I'd want to hold it, I think, but we really don't know much about them except where they come from, so who knows, I might not want to hold one like I do the ones that hop in my yard.

What is the largest frog from where you live? Do you get a lot of frogs in your environment? Share your favorites in the chat!

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