Baggy Frogs

Na na na na na na na na bat frog

Aren't animal adaptations remarkable? I'm always amazed to see a critter whose eyes have simply evolved to not work in a dark environment, or something venomous that lives with poison in it, making it deadly to everything but itself. The water frog of Titicaca has adapted to the lake's high altitudes with flaps of super baggy skin in order to help it take in the oxygen it needs to survive. It kind of reminds me of what we humans do to survive; many of us adapt in weird ways, and while I've heard some people sneer that it's a wonder what we'll do to accept our own limitations, I have to argue what a wonder it is what we'll do to survive despite them.

Thanks, baggy frog, for weirdly renewing my faith in the human species. Click to watch the frog in action!

What weird animals have you come across this week?

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