Baby Monitors Help Frog Watchers

Devices help save time and money

Baby monitors may not be the first things that you think about when it comes to monitoring wildlife and scientific research, but the tools are useful in plenty of ways outside the nursery. Frog watchers in Canberra are implementing baby monitors into their work in order to continue listening to frogs in various locations while still completing work at other sites, enabling the teams to record sounds to be used later instead of limiting researchers to a single area for hours on end.

The devices they use are not entirely baby monitors but a revolutionary blend between them and cell phones, giving scientists the best worlds in capability and technology. By listening to the sounds, researchers can tell which frogs are at a given location. This not only allows them to track frogs but the health of a given area, since the health of many environments can be measured by the frogs that live in them.

What else do you think scientists could do with this tech?



Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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