Arrow Frogs As Pets

Do you like these types of frogs?

My husband and I were at the pet store the other day looking at sale items for our dogs to chew up (I know some people who get cheap toys at the thrift store, which is great, but ours are 60 pounds and need something sturdier!) and we started browsing around and saw the most adorable Arrow Frogs for sale.

Oh, these are cute. They look like the brightly-colored toys you get for kids but they're real! It reminded me of the fire belly toads I had as a kid and I thought, "Maybe..." The thing is, I don't know if I like the idea of frogs in captivity. I think they have a much more fulfilling life in the wild outside a tiny enclosure, even if it's not as safe.

What do you think of Arrow Frogs and frogs as pets in general? Do you keep them? If so, do you think they have a better life, and how do you play with them?


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