African Reed Frog Inspired Architecture

Because frog-like buildings are the future!

Architects are using animal adaptations as inspiration for modern buildings and it's such incredible innovation that you can only sit back and be amazed by it! The African Reed Frog's ability to change color to reflect light and keep the animal cool is being used as a part of building planning, as are many other animal adaptations. It's so logical that it makes you wonder why it's just being done now, but many of these adaptations didn't have the technology to implement until now.

Not only are color-changing buildings on the horizon, but so are prickly surfaces. These are meant to simulate a cactus's exterior to prevent maximum heat absorption. Check out the link for a bunch of other nature-inspired cooling solutions scientists are dreaming up for our changing world. As terrifying as it is that our climate is changing--and as frustrating it is that we have so few leaders willing to do anything about it--it's exciting to think about possible solutions and adaptions we'll have to make to survive ourselves.

What other animal-inspired innovative solutions do you think we should implement?

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