Addiction Treatment Could Be Possible Through Frog Study

Poison dart frogs may help humans heal

When you think of poison dart frogs, you probably think of colorful creatures who are pretty to look at, but perhaps not the best choice of animal companion. You probably don't think of them as a potential medical breakthrough, but researchers are looking at them as a potential study into human addiction treatment. Looking into just a few amino acids present in the frogs, scientists at the University of Texas are finding out how they remain immune from their own poison as an evolutionary benefit.

The receptor that makes nicotine addictive is the same receptor in frogs that makes them release toxins into predators. While this may be helpful to scientists in learning how to better treat addiction, they also warn that with the current level of extinction that many frogs face, they may not ever be able to reach any conclusive findings in time for human benefit.

What do you think of using poison dart frogs for this kind of study?


Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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